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Sorenson Communications is a provider of industry-leading communication offerings including the Sorenson Video Relay Service (VRS) and Sorenson IP Relay (SIPRelay).

Sorenson VRS is a free service that allows anyone to conduct video relay calls through a qualified ASL interpreter.

Sorenson Video Relay Service (VRS), a free service provided by Sorenson Communications, enables deaf and hard-of-hearing people to conduct video relay calls with family, friends, and business associates through a qualified sign language interpreter, Sorenson videophone, TV, and a high-speed Internet connection. The deaf user sees an interpreter on their TV and signs to the interpreter, who then contacts the hearing user via a standard phone line and relays the conversation between the two parties. Hearing customers can also place video relay calls by simply dialing the Direct VP number of the deaf person or by dialing the toll free number 866-FAST-VRS (866-327-8877) and providing the interpreter with the deaf person's Sorenson videophone number. . Sorenson VRS is available 24-hours a day - 365 days a year. For more information, visit

Sorenson IP Relay™ (SIPRelay) lets you place a free relay call from either your PC or mobile device from anywhere to anyone.

Sorenson IP Relay (SIPRelay), is another free service provided by Sorenson Communications, which enables deaf, hard-of-hearing, oral, and late deafened individuals to place text-to-speech relay calls from their mobile device (i.e., Sidekick, BlackBerry®, Treo™, and similar devices) or a personal computer (PC) to any standard telephone user in the U.S. Relay users simply instant message "siprelay" using AOL Instant Messenger (AIM®) or log on to to place a call. A trusted Sorenson Communications Assistant contacts the standard telephone user and voices the text message sent by the text relay user.

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